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IDMAX10-D4 - Image Dynamics 10" Competition Subwoofer (Price Per Pcs)

Rp 5.282.750,00
SKU: IDMAX10-D4 - Image Dynamics 10" Competition Subwoofer

IDMAX subwoofers provide the highest level of performance, a blend of power and grace able to reproduce the subtlest details at even the lowest frequencies at extremely high output levels. With its high power handling of 1000 watts RMS, over 2.0" of linear excursion and high measured efficiency it is truly a very high output subwoofer. Volume of displacement and efficiency are the only true measures of what output can be expected from a subwoofer and the IDMAX truly delivers at power levels that are attainable without modified charging systems.



Surround - Parabolic surround roll profile provides 3.50" of excursion without reducing piston diameter of cone for larger displacement than wide surround profiles with smaller cone piston areas chosen by other subwoofer manufacturers. 

Cone -  Structural pressed paper composite cone. Pressed long strand paper pulp reinforced with glass fiber and impregnated with resin.  Curved concave cone profile and ultra rigid cone material creates a piston of incredible strength and very Low Mass. This cone structure is devoid of noise and resonance and withstands the stresses of high SPL. 

Voice coil and former - High-Temp flat wound flat wire dual voice coils maintain a higher winding density in the voice coil gap producing more ouput from each watt of amplifier input for an advantage over conventional round wire winding methods.

Very high power handling - The large motor structure and Radiator system result in very high power handling capabilities with recommended amplifier power range of 200 to 1000 watts RMS.

Small enclosure Sizes - Work in compact enclosures with sealed enclosures sizes from 1.1 ft3 to 1.7 ft3. Ported enclosures from 2.0 to 2.785 ft3 for increased output levels. 

Large piston area -  Unique parabolic surround profile allows for 3.50" (88.9mm) peak to peak surround excursion without any reduction in cone diameter. 

Long Excursion - Motor assembly has linear excursion with all windings still in the gap of 1.77" (45mm) and linear excursion to 70% of at rest BL of 2.09" (53mm). Yields a much larger volume of displacement for a given driver size for a large advantage over competitive designs. 

High Output Design - The IDMAX is unique in its ability to maintain high efficiency and large displacement while having extremely long excursion, giving it the true ability reach extremely high output levels. 1w/1m ground plane measurement is 94.6 dB averaged 50 Hz to 100hz is unmatched by any competitive driver. 

Very light moving assembly - The moving assembly including cone, surround, radiator, voice coil and former were engineered to keep mass at a minimum so that a high compliance suspension could be used. This maximizes efficiency and output over the subwoofers entire frequency range. 





  • Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz
  • Recommended RMS Power: 1000W RMS
  • Peak Power Handling: 1800W RMS
  • Impedance: dual 4 ohms 
  • Ultra Long Excursion: Over 2" Linear
  • Bifilar Edge-Wound Voice Coil
  • IMPROVED! Patent-Pending RaDiaToR Cooling System
  • Unique Parabolic EPDM Rubber Surround
  • Maximized Piston Area
  • Inverted Dust Cap with Embossed Logo
  • Structural Cored Sandwich Composite Cone
  • Proprietary Powder Coated Alloy Basket
  • High Excursion Flat Spider with Woven Tinsel Leads
  • Power: 200-1000W RMS
  • XMax : 24.6mm
  • Sealed ft3: 1.50
  • Ported ft3: 2.50
  • Mounting Depth: 7.625"
  • Mounting Diameter: 9.60"



Price: Rp 5.282.750,00
Weight: 12 kg
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