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Mundorf PCC1000 PowerCap 1.0 Farad

Rp 2.553.188,00
Mundorf PCC1000 PowerCap 1.0 Farad
Mundorf PCC1000 PowerCap 1.0 FaradMundorf PCC1000 PowerCap 1.0 Farad
SKU: Mundorf PCC1000 PowerCap 1.0 Farad

Storage capacitors are standard equipment of every high-class car audio system. 
Because no equipment is better than it’s power supply!
The MUNDORF PowerCap with a capacitance of 1.0 or 1.5 farad guarantees stabilized 
voltage directly at the amp. This basic requirement for clean music reproduction is as 
importaint at the signal source (head unit). The MUNDORF HeadCap guarantees that.
Consequently optimized for highest power pulse currents, the MUNDORF storage 
capacitor range ensures extra power at the decisive moment. The result is a powerful 
and precise bass and a brilliant, open sound characteristics.
MUNDORF storage capacitors are available with the following types:
The PCC series without protection electronic.
The installation of pcc1000/pcc1500 should be performed only by an expert. 
Subsequent works at the electrical wiring have to be carried out with increased 
caution as well (danger of short-circuit).

Price: Rp 2.553.188,00
Weight: 4 kg
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