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IDQ10V3.D4 - Image Dynamics 10" IDQ Version 3 Subwoofer (Price Per Pcs)

Rp 3.069.845,00
SKU: IDQ10V3.D4 - Image Dynamics 10" IDQ Version 3 Subwoofer

The all new IDQ V.3 subwoofers redefine performance for small enclosure subwoofers. Articulate and detailed with proper tonal accuracy at even extreme volume levels. They provide the incredible dynamic impact necessary while attaining extreme low frequency extension from the smallest of enclosure sizes. 

The removable core assembly allows you to custom match the basket color to your installation. Another feature of the removable core assembly is if the subwoofer ever requires service it allows you to replace the whole moving assembly quickly and easily. 



Composite Basket - 
Fiberglass composite material provides a very high strength rigid non-resonant basket.

Rubber Surround - Parabolic surround roll profile provides long excursion without reducing piston diameter. 

Voil Coil Attachment - The IDQ V.3 utilizes a proprietary design that interlocks the cone spider and voice coil together as an assembly. 

Poly Mica Cone - Ultra rigid design mica reinforced polypropylene.

Damper - Long Life Nomex with integral flexible leads.

Voice Coil - High temp aluminum wire wound on black anodized aluminum former. 

Motor Structure - Motor structures for the IDQV.3 are highly refined using the latest infinite element analysis. 


    • Impedance: Dual 4 ohms
    • Power Range:50 - 500 Watts RMS
    • Mounting Depth: 5.75"
    • Mounting Diameter: 9.60"
    • Sealed Enclosure Range: .55cu.ft. - 1.1cu.ft
    • Ported Enclosure Range: 1.0cu.ft. - 1.5cu.ft.


    • Re- DC Resistance: 3.35/ 6.7 Ohms
    • Fs- Resonant Frequency: 22.23 Hz
    • Qes- Electrical "Q": .490
    • Qms- Mechanical "Q": 1.831
    • Qts- Total "Q": .387
    • Vas- Equivalent volume: 3.10cuft (88 liters)
    • Xmax- One way linear: 19.0mm
    • Sd- Cone Area: 399.1 cm2
    • Splo- Sensitivity: 85dB
    • Power: 50-500W RMS
    • XMax: 17.0mm
    • Sealed ft3: 0.70
    • Ported ft3: 1.00



Price: Rp 3.069.845,00
Weight: 0 kg
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