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ID8D4 V.3- Image Dynamics ID 8" Subwoofer (Price Per Pcs)

Rp 1.663.150,00
SKU: ID8D4 V.3- Image Dynamics ID 8" Subwoofer (Price Per Pcs)

The ID V.3 subwoofers provide amazing performance with high output and great sound quality, all for a very reasonable price. 

Their high performance capability is the result of optimized motor and suspension designs that yields very high linear excursion capability. 
The ID series provide the right balance of sound quality, high output levels and cosmetic appearance with great performance even from lower powered amplifiers. 
  • Impedance: 2/8 Ohms
  •      Resonant Frequency 24.7 Hz
  •      DC Resistance 1.95/7.8 Ohms
  •      Electrical "Q" 0.367
  •      Mechanical "Q" 3.572
  •      Total "Q" 0.332
  •      Equivalent Volume 1.55 cuft(44 liters)
  •      One way linear 15 mm
  •      Cone Area 231 cm2
  •      Sensitivity SPLo: 85.6 dB
  •      Power Handling 150W RMS/300W MAX
  •      Power: 50-350W RMS
  •      XMax: 15.5mm
  •      Sealed ft3: 0.40
  •      Ported ft3: 0.75
  •      Mounting Depth: 4.75"
  •      Mounting Diameter: 7.125"


Price: Rp 1.663.150,00
Weight: 0 kg
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