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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Image Dynamics CDCOMPUltra MH NEW (Per Pair)

SKU: Image Dynamics CDCOMPUltra MH NEW (Per Pair)

Simply the best, without compromise, the CD-2COMP is available in two models the V.2 (Classic) and the advanced MH (Mini-Horn) version. The CD-2COMP's very low harmonic distortion is a result of its low resonant frequency of 410 Hz combined with an ultra-high efficiency of 109 dB giving the CD2-COMP incredibly wide usable bandwidth. Another product of their high efficiency is a dynamic range that is unequaled by any direct radiating speaker.

A true high performance product, it requires third octave equalization, much like a high-performance car requires high-performance tires and suspension. When used with high-performance equipment the CD-2COMP reproduces a life like musical experience that is without peer and has proven to be the ultimate choice for the critical listener or competitor.

Mini Body with CD Ultra Driver

Basic Data

Frequency response (hz)

Suggested crossover point

Voice coil imp (ohms)

Voice coil Dia (inches/mm)

Recommended Power Range (watts)

Horn throat width (inches/mm) 

Horn throat height (inches/mm)

Overall horn dimensions including mounting tabs H X W X D 

Mounting location

1000hrz to 25K

1200hrz @ 24db



5 to 75



2.25" X 23.5" X 5"



Price: RM2.407,96
Weight: 8 kg
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