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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Image Dynamics CDPROMH NEW (Per Pair)

Rp 3.968.250,00
SKU: Image Dynamics CDPROMH NEW (Per Pair)

The CDPRO fills the gap between the un-compromised performance of the CD2COMP and affordable performance of the CD1E. Already favorite among car audio competitors the CDPRO combines incredible dynamics, due to its 1W/1Mefficiency of 106 dB and 60 watts of RMS power handling, with a natural midrange character and detailed accurate highs.

These characteristics enable CDPRO to be integrated with a minimum of equalization as well as amplification to make better use of your audio budget. This combination of affordability and musicality have made the CDPRO a best seller, a logical choice for those that require a true Hi-Fi experience in an mobile system. The CDPRO is also the smallest of our HLCD's facilitating install flexibility in high performance systems designed for street or the competition lane.

Mini Body with CD Pro Driver

Basic Data

Frequency response (hz)

Suggested crossover point

Voice coil imp (ohms)

Voice coil Dia (inches/mm)

Recommended Power Range (watts)

Horn throat width (inches/mm) 

Horn throat height (inches/mm)

Overall horn dimensions including mounting tabs H X W X D 

Mounting location

1100 hrz to 25K

1500 hrz @ 24db



5 to 75



2.25" X 23.5" X 5"



Price: Rp 3.968.250,00
Weight: 6 kg
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