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Scanspeak Classic D2905/9300 28mm Textile Dome Tweeter

Rp 2.749.843,00
SKU: Scanspeak Classic D2905/9300 28mm Textile Dome Tweeter

The Scan-speak D2905/9300 is a 1" textile dome tweeter with a very flat frequency response and low distortion.

The D2905/9300 achieves a lower resonance and increased clarity by using several coatings of damping material on the dome and chambering behind the dome.

Both these damping factors and the use of a light magnetic fluid, reduce the resonances as much as possible, while reducing compression affects.

This tweeters linear response and openness make it a good choice for any system.

Price: Rp 2.749.843,00
Weight: 1.4 kg
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