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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Scanspeak Classic D2008/8512 3/4" Soft Dome Tweeter

Rp 1.770.197,00
SKU: Scanspeak Classic D2008/8512 3/4" Soft Dome Tweeter

Scanspeak Classic D2008/8512 3/4" Dome Tweeter


The Classic line consists of all the highly regarded transducers 
that have been appraised and loved by so many customers over 
the years.
The goal has been to assemble all the diamonds, 
developed over the years, speakers that fully live up to the 
heritage of the brand. 
Driver Highlights:
¾" soft dome, dual chamber, ferro fluid 



Price: Rp 1.770.197,00
Weight: 0 kg
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