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Fountek NeoCD2.0 5" Ribbon Tweeter (Black/Silver)

Rp 4.161.572,00
SKU: Fountek NeoCD2.0 5" Ribbon Tweeter

Fountek NeoCD2.0 ribbon tweeter

Available in Black & Silver Color

84mm x 164mm Black Rectangular Metal Flange


Super strong Neodymium magnets
Build-in impedance conversion transformer 
Effective from 1,200Hz upwards due to the large diaphragm area and low self-resonance. 
Thin enforced sandwich ribbon diaphragm guarantees a high degree of signal fidelity and broad frequency response. 
Low distortion factor, good power-handling capabilities, high linear impedance and amplitude frequency response and the broad frequency response range. 
Flat impedance from 1,000 to 40,000Hz

Factory matched pairs: Although these are sold each, when you order two you will receive a matched pair.

Ribbon material: Enforced sandwich 
Ribbon mass: 34mg 
Ribbon dimension: 8mmX120mmX0.02mm 
Ribbon area: 960square millimeters 
Gap flux: 0.6 Tesla 
Gap height: 3mm 
Impedance: 7 Ohm 
DCR: 0.02 ohm 
Sensitivity: 98dB/M/W 
Frequency response: 1,200~40,000Hz 
Resonance frequency: 300Hz 
Power handling: 20W Normal, 50W Max 
Recommended crossover frequency: 2,000Hz / 2nd-Order

Ribbon tweeters should always be used with a passive crossover! 
Do not test without a capacitor.

Price: Rp 4.161.572,00
Weight: 3 kg
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