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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Accuton C173-6-096E with cut cones

Rp 24.255.000,00
SKU: Accuton C173-6-096E with cut cones

Accuton C173-6-096E 6.5" Ceramic Dome Bass/Midrange

The  C173– 6–096E  is a  6.5 inch bass-midrange driver with ultra hard ceramic dome. Anti-resonant cutout fills in the ceramic dome provide for damping of the 6 kHz dome resonance. A  FEA optimized  underhung motor design with 55 mm titanium voice coil former guarantees very low energy storage and good heat transfer. Its  high force factor  leads to outstanding transient response for more realistic reproduction. The low loss rubber surround and a  thin fabric spider  center the moving parts with high linearity.

For this amazing bass-midrange driver, we recommend an application from 40 Hz – 3000 Hz.

  • Special Dome Cutouts
  • Underhung Motor Design
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • 55mm Titanium VC Former
  • Soft Rubber Surround
  • Vented VC, Pole Piece & Spider


Price: Rp 24.255.000,00
Weight: 7 kg
Datasheet C173-6-096E.pdf2.39 MB
C173-6-096E 2D.pdf957.4 KB
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