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Alpha Core Goertz 2.2mH 14 AWG Copper Foil Inductor (Per Pcs)

Rp 1.255.500,00
SKU: Alpha Core Goertz 2.2mH 14 AWG Copper Foil Inductor (Per Pcs)


Alpha Core Goertz 2.2mH 14 AWG Copper Foil Inductor

DCR: .332

Diameter: 3.4”

Height: 1.42”


Conductor material: 99.9% pure copper foil

Conductor dimensions: .003” x 1.00”

Coating: .002” thick polypropylene film

Leads: No joint, integral design 

Tolerance: +/- 2.5%


•Negligible skin effect below 100 kHz; many orders of magnitude below conventional wire-wound types. 

•High winding tension and vacuum fusing of faces provide high dimensional stability, effectively locking the conductors in place. Wire-wound inductors, which allow relative motion of conductors due to electromagnetic forces, will exhibit FM distortion by the process of reactance modulation. 

•Flat inductive reactance from 5 Hz to 50 kHz. 

•No saturation distortion due to air-core design. Inductors contain no magnetic materials. 

•Reduced power loss. Highest space factor (ratio of conductor cross area to total cross-section) means lower DC resistance within comparable dimensions. Negligible power loss due to skin-effect. 

•Extremely low stored charge. 

•Cool operation even during prolonged high output power operation. The high space factor and winding density results in improved heat dissipation.

Foil inductors have obvious advantages over wire-wound inductors in terms of improved electrical and sonic characteristics. This important new development has much to contribute to the design of state-of-the art loudspeaker crossover networks.


Price: Rp 1.255.500,00
Weight: 0.8 kg