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Legatia L1 Pro Tweeter

Rp 3.929.020,00
SKU: Legatia L1 Pro Tweeter


Legatia Pro Series

The Stage V product line offered by Hybrid Audio Technologies is our Legatia Professional Series.  The Pro series is the finest car audio speaker offering in the world, bar-none.

It has taken years to develop the first two Pro-series products, the Legatia L1 Pro tweeter, and the Legatia L1 Pro R2 (ring radiator) tweeter, an enhancement of the widely-acclaimed limited edition and now discontinued Legatia L1 Pro SE tweeter.  The Legatia L1 Pro R2 has quickly become recognized internationally as the finest radiator ring tweeter available on the market today.


Legatia Pro™ L1 
The Legatia Pro L1 is a small-format, super high-end mobile audio tweeter.  Continuing on in the tradition  of exceptional tweeter design and  manufacturing by Hybrid Audio Technologies, the Legatia  Pro  L1  is an articulate, detailed, and  tonally-correct tweeter  in a slightly larger 
diaphragm than its sibling, the Legatia L1V2.  The Pro L1 is a light and transiently fast tweeter in a 25mm body that doesn’t suffer from typical “heaviness” in tonal quality, typically associated with damped, large-diameter dome tweeters; the  L1 Pro can be used for the reproduction of treble frequencies in dedicated two-, three-, and four-way front stage systems.
The Pro L1 has exceptional polar response, and  remains small enough to install in typical locations within a vehicular environment.


Price: Rp 3.929.020,00
Weight: 1 kg
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