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Legatia L4SE Midrange

Rp 5.730.615,00
SKU: Legatia L4SE Midrange

Legatia Special Edition Series

The Stage IV product line offered by Hybrid Audio Technologies is our Legatia Special Edition, a collection of seriously enhanced Legatia products that boast superior performance.  The SE series is a drop-in replacement for the existing Stage III Legatia products, for those wishing to enhance their audio systems, and/or to take advantage of Hybrid Audio Technology's Trade In and Trade Up program.   The Stage IV Special Edition series is an improvement over the competition-proven Stage III product, as follows:

* wider bandwidth operation.
* higher mechanical Xmax.
* notably lower impedance at high frequency. 
* higher thermal power handling by AES standard.
* higher thermal power handling with suggested crossover.
* slightly lower moving mass for better transient response.
* higher compliance of motor system.
* use of woven dual tinsel lead spider for mechanical balance and improved radial compliance.
* inclusion of high-energy neodymium cup and motor.
* inclusion of copper shorting cup for inductance mitigation.
* inclusion of aluminum radiator for heat dissipation.
* inclusion of rose-tinted copper-plated aluminum extended phase plug pole piece.
* inclusion of laser-etched back plate cap with Hybrid Audio Technologies logo and Special Edition nomenclature.
* improved blister packaging and improved gift box container and art work.

The intent of the Special Edition product is to provide a very serious performance enhancement over the Stage III Legatia line for those wanting to upgrade to the very finest wide-band midrange and midbass speaker drivers available today.  The SE series midranges and midbass utilize the same exact mounting topology as the Stage III Legatia products for immediately "drop-in" upgrade potential.  Like the Stage III Legatia products, the Stage IV Legatia Special Edition products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs allowing the end-user to design a custom “bespoke” system of Legatia SE products, or a combination of Legatia SE, and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings.  A multitude of possible two-, three-, and four-way systems can be assembled using Legatia SE products.  Please click on the images below to be taken to the PDF specification sheet for that product.



The Legatia L4SE
A Brief History
The Legatia L4SE’s topology has been based off of the massively successful Stage III Legatia L4 transducer, which was first launched in July 2007 to an enthusiastic reception of car audio competitors, enthusiasts, and car audiophiles.  In the years since its inception, the L4 midrange has been included in several International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA®) national and worldchampionship vehicles, and is eclipsed in sheer wins to date only by the Legatia L3, its smaller midrange sibling.  When it came time to develop the SE series, the first product earmarked for production was the Legatia L6 SE midrange/midbass.  In Spring 2009, the first prototypes were developed by company founder and lead designer Scott Buwalda, and the concept of a Special Edition series was born.  
The Legatia L4SE was the third SE driver in the series, which also includes the Legatia L3SE super widebandwidth midrange, Legatia L6SE midbass/midrange, and the L8SE midrange/midbass, together with tweeter offerings from the emerging Stage V product line Legatia Pro Series.   
By early 2010, a beta prototype pair of Legatia L4SE’s had been refined after hundreds of hours of testing and development; these highlyevolved drivers were sent to Team Hybrids members Jorge Juaristi, Jim Becker, Hajji Grape for final testing and evaluation; all three multiple IASCA and USACi champions.  After countless hours testing the speakers under various circumstances, both as a dedicated midrange and as a “full range” point source driver (for midrange and treble duties without the use of a tweeter), the trio of testers gave their final approval.  Production refinements were Spring and Summer of 2010, to incorporate features inclusive and proprietary to the SE line, and final production commenced late Fall 2010.  
The Legatia L4SE was launched in December 2010 and is the reference 4.65inch driver in Hybrid Audio’s Stage  IV product category known collectively as the Legatia Special Edition Series.   




Price: Rp 5.730.615,00
Weight: 4 kg
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