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Legatia L6 Midrange / Midbass

Rp 5.086.006,00
SKU: Legatia L6 Midrange / Midbass

Legatia Series

The widely-acclaimed Legatia Series is Hybrid Audio Technologies “Stage III” product line; our original product offered starting in 2006, and competition-proven worldwide; the product that defined the company and its quality.  Legatia is a truly high-end approach to in-car sound quality and acoustical performance.  We know Legatia is not for everyone; it’s for those that want the very best in their car audio speakers and have refined listening habits.  Irrespective of price, Legatia components are the finest car audio speakers available, and are eclipsed only by our Stage IV Special Edition Series, and the Stage V Legatia Pro series, detailed below. 

In the Legatia line, we offer the Legatia L3 (a 3.7-inch O.D. midrange), Legatia L4 (a 4.65-inch O.D. midrange), the Legatia L6 (a 7.1-inch O.D. midrange/midbass), and the Legatia L8V2 (an 8.8-inch O.D. midrange/midbass).  In addition to the midranges and midbass’ offered, we are pleased to introduce our Legatia L1V2, the second generation of the highly-acclaimed Legatia L1 tweeter.  The L1V2 is a 20mm soft-dome tweeter housed in a fully machined aluminum body, having spring-loaded terminals for ease of connection.  The Legatia range is capped off with the L2x, a bi-amplified two-way crossover that, like the Clarus competition crossovers, re show-worthy networks consisting of the highest-grade parts and nickel-plated spring-loaded terminals.  A Legatia L3x, a three-way bi-amplified crossover will be available soon.

Legatia products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs allowing the end-user to design a custom “bespoke” system of Legatia products, or a combination of Legatia and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings.  A multitude of possible two-, three-, and four-way systems can be assembled using Legatia products.  Please click on the images below to be taken to the PDF specification sheet for that product.



Legatia™ L6

We’re notably one of the best midrange producers in the world, and while everyone was raving about our wide-bandwidth Legatia L3 and Legatia L4 midranges, we built what has quietly become one of the best wide-bandwidth car audio midbass/midrange units available today as well!  
The incredible L6 midbass/midrange is an exceptional solution for installers, enthusiasts, and car audio competitors, and provides the midbass and midrange foundation for many of our  high-end  two-way systems, as well as a dedicated midbass in several of our three-way systems. 
The Legatia L6 has an outstanding extended frequency response; the usable frequency range of this driver exceeds six complete octaves of usable bandwidth (51 Hz – 5,100 Hz).
The midbass and upper subbass extension of this driver is absolutely incredible.  This means that the L6  is equally at home being a midrange driver as it is a midbass driver. 




Price: Rp 5.086.006,00
Weight: 7 kg
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