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Clarus™ C51-2 Two Way Component Systems

Rp 5.362.268,00
SKU: Clarus™ C51-2 Two Way Component Systems

The Clarus C51-2 is Hybrid Audio Technologies' 5 1/4" component system that has won numerous awards and accolades. 

The set begins with a pair of Clarus C1 tweeters, which accurately reproduce treble tones in the critical bandwidth of the set, in a small diameter 20mm soft-dome package. 

Like its big brother the Legatia L1V2, the C1 tweeter's small diameter provides detail in the upper treble frequencies, and ensures easy installation with its nearly negligible mounting depth. 

Three options for mounting are included with the tweeters (surface, flush, and angle-mount). 

The set is rounded out with one of the best 5 1/4" midbass drivers on the planet, irrespective of price, the Clarus C5. 

The C5 is the point-source driver in this pairing; the C5's frequency range covers six full octaves for precise imaging and staging detail and placement, and vocal tonality unsurpassed with designs that filter the tweeter into the vocal bandwidth. 

The set comes with an audiophile-grade passive crossover system using low tolerance, high-quality components, as well as grilles, a hardware pack, and connection wire.

Price: Rp 5.362.268,00
Weight: 7 kg
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