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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Alpine PXA-H800 Processor (Garansi Mayaka)

Rp 8.000.000,00
SKU: Alpine PXA-H800 Processor (Garansi Mayaka)

A late addition to the prestigious CES Innovations Awards, the new Alpine PXA-H800 Processor is a powerhouse of features and technology. The unit has a new version of the acclaimed IMPRINT equalizer technology and provides a range of solutions for the owner of both factory (OEM) sound systems, and aftermarket head units.


As we have covered the current model PXA-H650 in a recent comparison, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a look at the new version, and it seems all of the shortcomings of the  PXA-H650have been addressed and the new PXA-H800 will be well worth a look when it arrives, hopefully in the second quarter of 2011.


The PXA-H800 has been improved in so many ways, most notably this unit can now allow for manual tuning, just like the old F#1 Status H701. This level of tuning using the new RUX-C800 controller (sold separately), the owner can now personalise their own custom settings from the passenger compartment. The PXA-H800 has the ability to analyse the audio systems acoustical properties and automatically correct the findings, providing premium sound quality. This is accomplished using the supplied omni-directional microphone. This is IMPRINT technology.

IMPRINT Technology

IMPRINT is Alpines advanced system tuning technology, it has the ability to take a speaker level input from most vehicles and provide the user with a level platform for adding aftermarket components, if you already have an aftermarket head unit, IMPRINT can also allow for RCA input connections and the owner can make use of the array of processing power. IMPRINT now consists of 5 separate technologies.

  • IMPRINT EQ – Automatic tuning technology. Using the omni-directional microphone in various positions in the vehicle the system analyses the data and automatically corrects any problems and then applies the desired target EQ curve.
  • AntEQ – This technology removes any factory supplied equalization, leaving a “flat” response to work from.
  • RoadEQ – Automatically correct any road noise issues, in real time.
  • User Customisation – The user can customise the sound to their liking via manual or automatic tuning using the optional RUX controller or the computer software. Usually the owner would tune automatically, then make minor tweaks manually.
  • MediaXpander  PLUS – Improves playback from compressed media device such as iPods and can restore the audio data.    

 A full 4 volts of RCA output power is provided for connection to aftermarket amplifiers, this is an increase from 2.7 volts that was offered on the PXA-H650. Increased output signal to noise ratio is the main benefit of the voltage increase.


  • 6 Channel Inputs – Up to 10 volts, both RCA and speaker are provided.
  • Dual Optical Inputs – Ai Net and Ai Net Aux.
  • 8 Channel Outputs – Fully active, 4 volts.
  • Equalization – 31 bands per channel.
  • Parametric Equalizer – 10 bands on front, rear and centre channel.
  • Subwoofer Parametric Equalizer – 5 bands.
  • X-Over Slopes – Up to 36dB/octave.       
  • Signal to Noise Ratio – 110dB Digital / 105dB Analog.
  • Digital to Analog Conversion – 24 Bit, high performance.
  • DSP – Dual 32-bit floating point operation.    


Price: Rp 8.000.000,00
Weight: 3.32 kg
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