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WBT - 0471 Crimp Sleeve Assortmen

Rp 4.445.875,00
SKU: WBT - 0471 Crimp Sleeve Assortmen

WBT cable end sleeves are made of special oxygen-free copper and then 24k gold plated for protection.

This kit is perfect for the internal wiring of loudspeakers.

Kit contains:

WBT-0435 (200 pieces uninsulated) 12 AWG
WBT-0436 (125 pieces uninsulated) 10 AWG
WBT-0437 (100 pieces uninsulated) 8 AWG
WBT-0438 (40 pieces uninsulated) 6 AWG

Price: Rp 4.445.875,00
Weight: 4 kg