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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Mundorf MPower Supplies HSTV138

Rp 1.254.281,00
SKU: Mundorf MPower Supplies HSTV138


High-Current Connection | Power Supply Unit - Car.
Equally significant in meeting the high demands in audio quality of installed car hifi components :
Suitably performing cable connections between the power supply and the car hifi device. We offer individual cable sets, produced to exactly match requirements.
Manufactured from high quality conductive material and equipped with the best contacts, they ensure, alongside maximum performance output, the safe and quick installation of a 
power supply on site.
MUNDORF has been supplying the Car Hifi Presentation with power supplies since 1987.
Because of their reliability and extremely good energy reserves, these power supplies are 
highly valued by professional users and highly recommended.
Nearly all well-known German sales companies use our products at trade fairs and road shows.
What’s more, several thousand of our power supply units are used to supply electricity to sales displays.
An amplifier can never be better than its power supply.
Without a stable power supply, all the operating points and electric parameters of the amplifier shift.
The amplifier does not work cleanly.
The music output becomes flat and annoying. Even voltage notches of 2 volts reduce the 
output performance by approx. 30%.
An optimum power supply is not a luxury but a requirement for your commercial success.
Designed for extreme pulse currents, our power supplies create the basis for a very successful Presentation.
Our more than 20 years of experience in this area guarantee optimally designed products that are suited for practical use and that come with a unique price-performance ratio.
At 6.5 inch high, our appliances are very flat and are each provided with two cable rolls.
They can therefore easily be placed under cars.
The control stages are equipped with very fast, selected MOSFETS.
The temperature of these MOSFETS is monitored internally!
If a transistor becomes too hot from a short circuit or an overload, the output voltage is cut off. 
This method achieves a very high level of operational safety!
The temperature of the transformer is also constantly controlled.
If an overload occurs, the output voltage is cut off. In addition, a built-in fan is set to its maximum speed in order to achieve a rapid cooling of the transformer.
The speed of the built-in fans is controlled variably in 
accordance with temperature.


Price: Rp 1.254.281,00
Weight: 0.5 kg