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Theoretical Aspects on Building Loudspeakers

Theoretical Aspects on Building Loudspeakers

This is a short summary of theories on loudspeakers:

The cabinet

This part of the loudspeaker determines the sound characteristics, in particular the bass response. The following cabinet types are common:

Listening to Music - What's most important?

Listening to music - What's most important?

Music has great influence on our life, and resembles a distraction from everyday life. Listening to music should be enjoyable. All you need is:

Basics : Loudspeaker Drivers

Characteristics of the bass driver

For an efficient radiation of low frequencies this cone is definitely too small. This can be corrected in many ways:

Tweeter Basics

The dome tweeter: a moving coil driver

A moving coil driver is the most common driver type for hi-fi and PA applications and consists of a magnet and a voice coil.

- The magnetic field builds up in the air gap (green). Pole plate and pole piece (grey) are extending the magnet (black). 
- The voice coil moves inside the air gap (red).