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Theoretical Aspects on Building Loudspeakers

Theoretical Aspects on Building Loudspeakers

This is a short summary of theories on loudspeakers:

The cabinet

This part of the loudspeaker determines the sound characteristics, in particular the bass response. The following cabinet types are common:

Listening to Music - What's most important?

Listening to music - What's most important?

Music has great influence on our life, and resembles a distraction from everyday life. Listening to music should be enjoyable. All you need is:

Basics : Loudspeaker Drivers

Characteristics of the bass driver

For an efficient radiation of low frequencies this cone is definitely too small. This can be corrected in many ways:

Tweeter Basics

The dome tweeter: a moving coil driver

A moving coil driver is the most common driver type for hi-fi and PA applications and consists of a magnet and a voice coil.

- The magnetic field builds up in the air gap (green). Pole plate and pole piece (grey) are extending the magnet (black). 
- The voice coil moves inside the air gap (red).

Lowther Loudspeakers History

Lowther Loudspeakers History.

Paul Voigt was born in London on the 9th December 1901. His German parents had become naturalised British citizens after immigrating to England in the late 1800's. After studying at Dulwich College, he gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering at the age of twenty-one.